Permaculture Earthworks Operator

$1,000.00/Day +GST

Permaculture Earthworks operator – cost per day

This is for Danial to operate earthworks machinery onsite.

-Now available on payment plans.

-Please select the start date and then the number of days of work below.

*Please email Danial at Contact Danial Lawton page to confirm booking dates are available before making any purchase

Permaculture Earthworks operator – cost per day

This is for Danial to operate permaculture earthworks machinery onsite.

Permaculture Earthworks design and installation by Danial Lawton one of the world leaders in Permaculture Earthworks design and installation.

If you are wanting Permaculture Earthworks done on site or want more information please contact Danial Lawton via the contact page.

Earthmoving services professionals have the skills and knowledge to design and implement a wide range of earth moving techniques to suit your requirements, whether it be urban or rural residential, commercial, or project sites.

Our Earthmoving services professionals utilise excavators, dozers and graders to implement long term systems. These systems may be based on food production, soil and riparian rehabilitation, irrigation, household water needs, and climate resilience.

Earthmoving services include:

  • Surface water storage (dams/ponds)
  • Swales
  • Weirs
  • Stream repair
  • Drains
  • Aquaculture
  • Terraces
  • Access roads
  • Soil erosion repair
  • Gabions
  • Chinampas
  • Keyline system

*Please email Danial at Contact Danial Lawton to confirm your booking dates are available before making any purchase.

*Please note this does not include the cost of machinery hire and fuel. Transportation and accommodation costs may also be applicable.

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Danial Lawton permaculture earthworks operator, permaculture consultant, a second-generation permaculturalist in his work as a permaculture consultant, educator, entrepreneur and permaculture philanthropist.

Set in motion with a permaculture design course at the tender age of thirteen in Tena, Ecuador, Danial followed up with a Permaculture Diploma in site development, site design, and research.
At university Danial crammed in a Bachelor of Environmental science with double majors in ecology & conservation biology and Land & water management, a Masters in Environmental management and most recently a Masters in Environmental engineering.

With 20 years experience in the Permaculture field, Danial has worked for international permaculture projects in Central and South America, as water systems manager for Tagari farm (PRI Australia) and later as farm manager for Zaytuna farm (PRI Australia).
Within this time Danial has taught and facilitated a variety of Permaculture design and hands on courses through Griffith University, PRI Australia, Northey Street City Farm, Noosa Forest Retreat and many others
Danial Lawton permaculture consultant draws on environmental science and permaculture principles to design sustainable systems worldwide and for local Australian clients and government organisations.

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