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About Danial
Danial Lawton permaculture consultant, a second-generation permaculturalist in his work as a permaculture consultant, educator, entrepreneur and permaculture philanthropist.

Client Testimonials

“We had a vision to create a sustainable garden design based on permaculture principles on our urban block in Brisbane. Danial Lawton helped us achieve our dream through his site analysis, landscape design and hands on earthwork skills. The garden continues to develop and thrive due to the firm foundation Danial created. We are thrilled with the outcome and cannot speak highly enough of your business.”
Rose, Gary, Lily and Jack
“Danial’s earthworks expertise was very evident while he was on site. The precision and speed at which he moves that machine is incredible to watch. It was a pleasure to have him here and I am very happy with our finished earthworks.”
Gabriele Duffy
“After the devastating rain event of Feb 2022, we had significant erosion on our property, which we wanted to obtain professional advice to rectify and future proof. We felt confident to then proceed with his services, which included earthworks for Dam construction and gully repair and detailed advice on suitable planting after earthworks were complete. We had a great experience with Danial"s services, he is easy to chat to and happy to answer lots of questions and pass on his knowledge even after the works have been completed.”
Steve Bratby
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